About Us

Hi! Welcome to iDigitalOceanPromoCodes - a blog all about helping you to get a clearer understanding related to the technology.

My Idea is very simple – I believe in providing useful and easy to understand information that can be put to practical by folks just like you.

I have been with computers for 7 years and I spend my 12 hours daily with my system. People criticize me as I don’t interact with people in real life so much as I am addicted to my computer. Sorry for that, I love my work and die for the same.

I’m always eager to know everything about computers and IT sector.

I got into blogging in 2008 and it was all rather by accident…
As usual, One day I was searching internet to solve a problem that I had with my modem, I Googled a lot for many days but did not succeed. And one day by accident I solved out the problem. Then I decided to create a blog to solve the problems of peoples by writing posts.

Sometimes, when I search internet for specific purpose, I don’t get the desired results what I expect and I have to do nearly 40 % on my own, that’s why I’m here.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome day ahead!

iDigitalOceanPromoCodes Team.


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