Using Digital Ocean Promo Code is a great way to signup for free along with $10 free credit in your new DigitalOcean account. Well, Today we are going to talk about Digital Ocean. So we will discuss about why we offer the best DigitalOcean Review on the planet and Digital Ocean is the best in the market. What Digital Ocean promo code to use when singing up for new Digital Ocean account.

You should know that after hosting many sites for almost a complete year on Bluehost, I had to think about changing my hosting company. You will never have to regret once you will host your site on Digital Ocean.
According to an estimate, they are the fastest growing web hosting company who have launched 11,346,568 DROPLETS by the date. So, today we will discuss about the facts which set Digital Ocean apart from the crowd. We will discuss about the Digital Ocean Promo Code you should use if you want to go for Digital Ocean.
You can also read this article why I am speaking in favor of DigitalOcean and why BlueHost is worst hosting company ever. I don’t know if it happened with me only or everyone is a victim of the same but the kind of service they provide, is not satisfactory. So I don’t want to this happen to you.
So, lets dive into the Digital Ocean Review:-

Digital Ocean Promo Code
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Digital Ocean Discount Code Promo Code

1. You Pay $0.007 Hourly

Digital Ocean Pricing Promo Code
Digital Ocean is specially created for web developers. You can create as much droplets as you can and you will come to note that a very very little amount of money is deducted from your account. I speak truth and everything I’m sharing with you is completely from my own experience. Recent days, when I was messing up with unmanaged VPS hosting, I had to create nearly 20-30 droplets. Otherwise, I would spent almost $200-$300 if they deducted $10 per droplet. How big amount is that! 🙂
So the conclusion is that you don’t worry about money at all. Destroy droplet any time and get yourself a new droplet anytime you want without paying a single penny for creating new Digital Ocean Droplet. That’s the spirit sweat-heart! 😛

2. Cheapest VPS Plans

Digital Ocean is VPS only web hosting company which ensures that there are not any hidden pricing. DigitalOcean is like a open book, whatever they say, they mean it. The problem with other web hosting companies is that they tell you some attractive plans before sign up that you will think, they are so awesome. but after signup, they unload the dog shit.
Good thing is that the amount at which you will get shared hosting from other companies, Digital Ocean is giving you VPS servers. 
Pay $5/month or $0.007/hour and enjoy

$ 5 / month

  • 512 MB Memory
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 20 GB SSD Disk
  • 1 TB Transfer

$ 0.007 / hr

  • 512 MB Memory
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 20 GB SSD Disk
  • 1 TB Transfer
And this is the start only. They have more interesting and attractive plans which you will need when your business will expand. 😀

3. Quick Server Setup

Digital Ocean One-Click Apps
Digital Ocean is a unmanaged VPS Hosting company but you will not have need to type even a single line of code. Don’t worry. They offer One-Click install WordPress installation and all other CMSs that you may need. 
You can get your VPS cloud server up and running in only 55 seconds. VPS in 55 seconds only, OMG! Actually this thing is very useful for developers like me who keeps on playing with coding. Unlike any other web hosting company, they would charge you $10 as soon as you create a new droplet but on Digital Ocean, you no longer to worry about. 
 Digital Ocean doesn’t charge for backups unlike other web hosts. This service is totally free of cost. So, whenever you make your mind to start working again, choose Backup (Image) and install droplet. If you need help then feel free to call me anytime. I have a lot of experience with DO coding. Well, coding is not needed in this thing. 🙂

4. Excellent Support

Digital Ocean Support Ticket
This thing is really to be told here when doing Digital Ocean Review. Every time I contacted with to them, they replied instantly. The kind of advice they give completely solves the problem. Don’t believe me? Check out yourself. Thousands of tutorials on the go with step by step solution.

5. SSD – Only Cloud

Digital Ocean SSD Only
Sites need to load within Micro-Seconds. Well, SSD stands for Solid State Drive. As the name suggests itself that the data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that retain the data even when there’s no power present. They are lightning fast and the danger of data lose doesn’t exist. This is the main reason I went with Digital Ocean Review.
DigitalOcean created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help you easily and more efficiently manage your infrastructure so you can get back to coding. They provide all of our users with high-performance SSD Hard Drives, a flexible API, and the ability to select the nearest data center location. So you can assure of high speed data delivery and caching.

6. 99.99% Up-time Servers

Digital Ocean 99.99% Uptime
Digital Ocean servers’ up-time is 99.99%. What does it mean? It means the possibility of down-time is 100%-99.99% = 0.01%. So let’s forget about down-time of our site. WebLogCentral is is hosted on Digital Ocean itself. I have never seen WebLogCentral down. This will destroy my image forever. Sorry, I can’t afford this.

7. Over 10 Datacenters Throughout The World

Digital Ocean Data Centers
Site success and load time depends upon the site’s data center location. If you want to rank your site in United States then there is no reason to put your site in China or any other country. As I already stated that even a single second late in loading can change the game. So it’s better to choose the datacenter near your target audience location.
Thanks to DigitalOcean, they have over 10 data centers through out the world. So, let’s list them below. Choose the exact location you want.
  1. New York – 3 Datacenters
  2. Amsterdam – 2 Datacenter, 3rd Datacenter is on its way
  3. San Francisco – 1 Datacenter
  4. Singapore – 1 Datacenter
  5. London – 1 Datacenter
  6. Frankfurt – 1 Datacenter
  7. Toronto – 1 Datacenter
So, what’s your location. Don’t believe me. Check the WebLogCentral load time here. Datacenter location really plays vital role in site load time. If I remove Google Ads and Facebook Page Like Box, then the results will be best. The site loads time becomes 1 second only. It is normal that if you are running scripts from third party then they will take time to load hence increasing load time. So you should definitely go with our DigitalOcean PromoCode.

8. Private Networking

Digital Ocean Private Networking
Traffic sent between Droplets across the private networks will not count towards the bandwidth costs of the droplet and can be used for database replication, file storage, and similar host to host. You can choose Private Networking feature when signing up with our DigitalOcean Coupon Code. This will help you to gain Free $10 Credit after signing up.
Sometimes, you may need to create several droplets and need them to communicate with each other. In this condition, Private Networking plays its part. This feature is so useful if you are running a large network of websites.

9. IPv6 Support

Digital Ocean IPv6
IPv4 is over now. IPv6 is the new one. Well you might be wondering that what was the problem with IPv4 so that they had to move to IPv6. I have an excellent article telling everything in simplest manner as why we needed IPv6 fro the future. Read this awesome article here. Even if you don’t use my Digital Ocean Promo Code, still then please take a look on this article. This will help to increase your knowledge. This is what I want, you stay happy. 🙂
Digital Ocean is working in this direction to adopt IPv6 for all of their datacentres. So as a result, IPv6 addresses are now available for all Droplets in our Singapore region. DigitalOcean provides the option to choose IPv6 during the new droplet setup. You can also do the same on existing virtual servers without the need for a reboot. Well, peoples are using variuos Digital Ocean Coupon Codesusing which you can sign up with them

10. Tier-1 Bandwidth

Minimum 1 TB of bandwidth even with cheapest plan of $5. All servers come with 1 GB/sec. network interface. A small site can never use 1 TB of bandwidth in month. This is nearly impossible. You can grab this feature by using our Digital Ocean Promo Code. This feature is available for $30/month plan on other web hosts if you are going for VPS hosting. Better choose now yourself.

11. KVM Virtualization

WordPress sites are victim of hackers. The main drawback of using WordPress is that it allow XML-RPC attacks which causes server to crash. Well, regardless this, websites are always at the risk of getting hacked by hackers. So it is essential to protect them from hackers as much you can.  Thanks to Digital Ocean Coupon Code, it’s KVM virtualized droplets are designed to address a very high level of security and performance.

12. Simple Control Panel

Digital Ocean Easy Control Panel
Unlike any unmanaged VPS host, DigitalOcean control panel focuses on usability, streamlining the complexities of traditional web hosting. Moreover, you are also allowed to install CloudWays and ServerPilot so that you can manage your site without messing up with codding. DigitalOcean is full of flexibility. You can modify to any extent.

13. Amazing Hardware

Digital Ocean HardWares
All DigitalOcean cloud servers are built on powerful Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage. This technology is so advanced that they never fail at any cost. Such types of Hardware are only available at DigitalOcean. No other web host has these high performance of hardwares. SSD hard drives will improve performance of your site dramatically, from faster disk i/o performance.

Have You Not Decided Yet – Digital Ocean Promo Code?

Peoples are going crazy behind Digital Ocean and they are using Digital Ocean Promo Code and then signing up for new DigitalOcean accounts and are switching to DigitalOcean. Even many of the Big Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers (in my contact) have switched to DigitalOcean. This is the not any incident. Reality is never hidden. Please note if you are really giving value to your customers then you will definitely gain success. The same thing happened with DigitalOcean. They have been in web hosting for very very long time and their hard work really proves this.
How to create droplet on Digital Ocean:-

How to setup first Droplet on DigitalOcean:-

Digital Ocean Discount Code Promo Code

Final Thought on Digital Ocean Review:-

I hope you liked this detailed article about Digital Ocean Review. This article explained you benefits of using digital ocean as your hosting partner. We tried to make everything clear as much as possible. I hope we explained you each and every point in brief that will help you to decide whether you should go with Digital Ocean. If you are satisfied enough with our explanation of DigitalOcean then please choose our Digital Ocean Promo Code and start your good days of internet marketing.


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